Student Stories

CIS of Cumberland County students have shown resilience in the face of uncertainty, inequities, and learning loss due to COVID-19. Our staff have done whatever it takes to serve students wherever they are this year — on front porches, in school buildings, and in virtual classrooms.

Thanks to the tools and support provided by CIS staff, our students can stay on track academically and reimage a bright future beyond the pandemic. Read some of our inspiring student stories below.


Jarod, a 9th grader, comes from a single-mother household and was referred to CIS because he was having trouble focusing in class and wasn’t completing his schoolwork.Jarod’s Student Support Specialist, Tim Carmichael, quickly recognized that Jarod was a natural leader. Outgoing, personable and a natural performer, Jarod just needed encouragement and support to channel his energy into his coursework.

Tim took Jarod, along with some other students, to the Fayetteville Arts Guild to do a poetry and art workshop with a local artist. Jarod was hesitant at first, but once he started writing poetry – he quickly gained confidence in his ability to express himself.

Tim also challenged Jarod to research and write a report on a famous African-American and present the report to the class. Jarod definitely knocked it out of the park! His performance was so impressive that Jarod’s fellow students began cheering for him at the end. 

In addition to these confidence bolstering activities, Tim checks in daily with Jarod to make sure he’s going to or logging into class and keeping up with his schoolwork. And since working with Tim, Jarod’s attendance and grades have improved tremendously, and he’s showing much more focus and drive in the classroom. And Tim says, “Jarod is going to be a leader someday.”