Positive behaviors keep students focused on school

Behavioral problems in school are a common occurrence.  They can be rooted in challenges faced outside of school, a range of social issues or a lack of understanding of class materials.  Students face many obstacles in school and in life that can manifest in disruptive behaviors that must be addressed in a positive and dedicated manner. 

Behavioral problems may cause students to miss class, withdraw from friends and family, or refuse to do homework. These behaviors can impact others, causing classroom disruptions, disrespect to school faculty, fighting, and even endangering other kids.  We act as a positive influence in students’ lives and help resolve behavioral problems, while keeping students focused on school. We help students:

  • Learn how to cope with anger
  • Maintain appropriate social interaction skills
  • Apply conflict resolution strategies
  • Improve behavior and coach them

We work directly with students, teachers, social workers, and families to help break the cycle of negative behaviors.  We develop and implement plans to manage behavioral influences and adopt positive behaviors that will promote personal, social, emotional and career growth.

Behavioral Intervention Planning and Programs

When students learn to recognize harmful behaviors and behavior patterns that impact their lives, it results in better social relationships and school performance, leading to graduation and a positive employment outlook.  Providing one-on-one programs for students who exhibit behaviors detrimental to their well-being is the most effective means for modifying behaviors and rewarding and reinforcing positive behavior.  Behavioral intervention plans and programs are designed to:

  • Collaborate with students, teachers and family to identify behavioral influences and to create a detailed intervention strategy
  • Provide one-on-one coaching and mentoring to change behaviors and guide students toward positive outcomes
  • Determine environmental, social and instructional changes necessary to meet each individual student goals
  • Involve teacher, parents and other communities support systems as needed help students identify and manage behavioral triggers
  • Set behavioral goals and manage intervention plans and strategies to provide every student the greatest opportunity for social, educational and career success

Every child is different and requires varying levels of attention, depending on the severity of behavioral issues.  All behavioral intervention plans and practices require time and dedication that specialists on our team understand and are prepared to provide. At the end of the day, every child deserves a chance to succeed in school, graduate, go to college or start a rewarding career. That is where our behavioral intervention programs can make a difference.