Integrated Supports & Interventions

CIS of Cumberland County staff promote student self-confidence and provide students a reason to believe in themselves. We help each individual student discover their own ability to succeed, whether that’s completing homework, learning new life skills or successfully graduating and unlocking a path to college or a successful career.

One-on-one relationships are at the heart of our work. Our staff form personal bonds with each student to gain a thorough understanding of their individual needs. We provide direct assistance and connect them to community resources so they can overcome barriers to success inside and outside of the classroom.

We understand that there may be many factors affecting a student’s ability or motivation to come to class – issues at home, housing insecurity or homelessness, transportation problems, or (in the era of remote learning) technology and connectivity needs. We work with each student to address their problems both in and outside of the classroom so that they can show up to class ready to learn.

Behavioral Intervention
Behavioral issues can be a result of emotional trauma in the home, environmental events, socialization challenges, or an inability to cope with a variety of situations in and out of school. We bring classroom guidance as well as proven programs like Zones of Regulation that encourage positive behavioral responses to resolve internal or external conflict. Overall, we help students develop new skills to self-regulate and promote social and emotional growth.

Schoolwork help
Our staff find creative ways to help students progress academically by creating optimal learning environments.  We connect students with volunteer tutors and study groups to support reading and math skills, and show them the connection between what they learn in school and how it applies in real life.

Parental engagement
One of the many benefits to working with us are the programs and support services we provide to help parents or guardians be a positive, central force in their child’s education. When parents are involved in a child’s education, students have greater success.

Social and Emotional Learning
Helping a student show up to class and complete their assignments aren’t the only components of success. We know it’s also essential to address the social and emotional needs of our students so they can show up each school day ready to learn. We ground our work within the framework of Developmental Relationships and employ regular social/emotional check-ins to make sure students are doing and feeling well.

Career and College Readiness
In addition to making sure students stay on track academically, we also work to provide students with an overview of their options once they cross the graduation stage. We make sure students are prepared to make the best choices for their future once they graduate high school – whether that means community college, university, career training, or a transition into the workforce.