We believe greatness exists in every kid.  And with every step we take together, we help students find strength, and the confidence to look within and see what we see – a bright future just waiting to be realized.

Connecting Leaders

CISNC is made up of 20 independent organizations working in 300+ schools to help students. We do our best work when we connect and support each other. Check out our network.

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Make Bullying History

CISNC empowers the fearful to become fearless by working to help students find their own voice and their own place at school. When we stomp out bullying, all kids thrive.

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Plugging In

High school graduates earn 40% more and live 5 years longer. In NC, 0.7% of CIS students drop out of school as compared to 2.18% of all NC students. We’re plugging kids in to their futures. Learn more about our impact.

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Are you all in for kids?

Are you all in for kids? What’s really happening with a student? It takes a caring adult to build a relationship and peel back the many layers to put the puzzle together. Learn how we use relationship-building, goal-setting and proven interventions to help students succeed. We do whatever it takes to ensure students succeed.

CISNC On Twitter

A.J., a Senior in Henderson Co. and a JNCG student, dropped out of high school due to family issues, but with the help & encouragement of CIS staff, she returned, kept her grades up & will be graduating in June! After graduation, she plans to study Early Childhood Ed. #Grad2020 https://t.co/OIwcxJ3AIc
With the help of CIS Student Support Specialist, @CISNCMissAllen, students at @ROESrockets created some lovely artwork for essential employees in Cabarrus County! CIS Staff are making sure students stay connected to each other and their communities. #AllinforKids #Covid19NC https://t.co/wg1QKxMSUq
Quashe’, a Senior in Halifax Co., struggled to maintain her grades due to difficulties at home, but she always kept a “positive attitude”. She's graduating this spring & will attend Halifax Comm College for 2 yrs before transferring to nursing school! #Grad2020 https://t.co/B1djcrKrc5
Jordann, a Senior in Henderson County and a JNCG student, struggled socially & academically due to an Autism diagnosis - until she met her CIS Specialist, Virginia. Now, Jordann embraces the unique aspects of her personality, and she’ll be graduating in June! #Grad2020 https://t.co/vwsGC05oky
Help your kids learn more about the history of Memorial Day day by watching this informative video from @PBSKIDS: https://t.co/wj0EOBC4sE https://t.co/Sy7a7wZnlx
Julie was struggling to balance her interests both in and out of the classroom until she met CIS Specialist, Tia. Tia helped Julie focus her energy and ambition, and soon her grades improved. Julie graduated last week & received a partial scholarship for college! #Grad2020 https://t.co/5HJ5rwcMP7
Ezra was struggling with anger issues after being bullied. Then CIS Specialist, Tia, helped him channel his emotions in positive ways: writing sci-fi & joining the drama club. Tia continues virtual check-ins on Ezra’s emotional health and makes sure he’s on track to thrive! https://t.co/H6bYtpna66
Julie, a multi sport athlete, was struggling to balance schoolwork with extracurriculars until she met her CIS Specialist, Tia. Since school buildings are closed, Tia has been checking in on Julie and delivering homework packets to ensure she makes it to graduation. #Grad2020 https://t.co/VuF2I9jWQC
Help us celebrate our graduates & support our work across NC. With your help, we'll continue providing social/emotional & academic support to students like Mya, Wayne and Eric - CISNC graduating seniors. Please donate today! #Grad2020
https://t.co/ZgGzn73Vas https://t.co/7dnUOyhGr8
Ezra was struggling in school because he was being bullied & wasn’t sure how to process his anger. Then he met CIS Specialist, Tia, and that all changed. Tia helped Ezra channel his emotions in positive ways, and he began to flourish.#InSchoolsAndBeyond #Grad2020 https://t.co/qdHMZ9X2lc