We believe greatness exists in every kid.  And with every step we take together, we help students find strength, and the confidence to look within and see what we see – a bright future just waiting to be realized.

Connecting Leaders

CISNC is made up of 20 independent organizations working in 300+ schools to help students. We do our best work when we connect and support each other. Check out our network.

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Make Bullying History

CISNC empowers the fearful to become fearless by working to help students find their own voice and their own place at school. When we stomp out bullying, all kids thrive.

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Plugging In

High school graduates earn 40% more and live 5 years longer. In NC, 0.7% of CIS students drop out of school as compared to 2.18% of all NC students. We’re plugging kids in to their futures. Learn more about our impact.

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Are you all in for kids?

Are you all in for kids? What’s really happening with a student? It takes a caring adult to build a relationship and peel back the many layers to put the puzzle together. Learn how we use relationship-building, goal-setting and proven interventions to help students succeed. We do whatever it takes to ensure students succeed.

CISNC On Twitter

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Nathan Ramsey@NathanRamsey115
I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills,from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord, maker of heaven & earth. Tweets mine alone; RT🚫endorsement
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@NathanRamsey115: Governor Cooper @NC_Governor @RoyCooperNC announces his latest workforce development initiative “Jobs for North Carolina Graduates” with @cisnc this afternoon at the @HCPSNC Innovative High School on the campus of @BlueRidgeCC. #NCJobReady #NCWorks #CISNC #MountainAreaWorks https://t.co/WbC1do54JU
It’s time to celebrate! We opened a new JNCG program this morning at @DavidsonRvrSch! We’re so grateful for the chance to work w/ these students and for the $25K grant from @ATT + @JAGnational to launch the program. #JNCG #NCJobReady #NCCommerce #tcsyes #NCWorks #AllinForKids https://t.co/XHDPPTzY9m
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Dory MacMillan@dory_macmillan
press secretary @NC_Governor | tweets are my own | previously @McCreadyForNC, @RichCordray, @BettySutton
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@dory_macmillan: NOW: ⁦@NC_Governor⁩ announced an $825,000 grant to continue & expand ⁦⁦@cisnc⁩’s Jobs for NC Graduates program. This awesome program provides schools with coaches & counselors to help students graduate from high school and enter the workforce prepared for careers. https://t.co/fKBz7XRLfz
We were thrilled to have @NC_Governor visit the JNCG program at @HCPSNC Innovative High School today! Gov. Cooper talked w/ students about his educational journey and announced the award of an $825K grant to support the program. #JNCG #NCJobReady #AllinForKids https://t.co/oJghiUuDAE
Stacy Hill of @ncworks tells students about services offered at the *brand new* NC Works building in Henderson Co. #JNCG #JumpstartJobs #NCJobReady #AllinForKids https://t.co/e8MeIQ5Dux
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CIS Brunswick County@CISBrunswick
Our mission is to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and succeed in life.
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@CISBrunswick: Oak Island Elks donated to CIS of Brunswick County to help with the CIS Action for Success program. Chris Romig, Elks Golf Committee member; Bonnie Jordan, CIS Executive Director; Joe Wintsch, Elks Golf Committee Chairman; and Cherylee Hagge, CIS Financial Operations Officer. https://t.co/OnGZK8LfEJ
JNCG Jumpstart Jobs week begins next Monday! And we're excited to kick things off with a visit from Gov. Roy Cooper/ @NC_Governor on Jan 27th! Gov. Cooper will join us at our Hendersonville site, and we'll be opening a new program in Transylvania County the next day. https://t.co/HwWoPcqGzi
Find out more about her and the #WhatWeAreMadeOf campaign here. https://t.co/kxuYdG4BGs https://t.co/qb1ygWhFMm
🌟"I chose these 5 things because it represents my childhood, my family, my setbacks and my goals for tomorrow. In every season of my life, I have had to rely on one of these characteristics to help me hurdle the obstacle and to lead me to the next journey of self-discovery."🌟 https://t.co/8Yq9uEoQ74