Your support ensures North Carolina’s students realize the full benefits of education

We partner with individuals, businesses, foundations, and community agencies alike across North Carolina on a national, state and local level. Each of our supporters are essential to our ability to provide the resources students need to thrive and succeed in school and in life. Our partners are afforded the opportunity to enrich their own workplace culture while also impacting the lives of a diverse population of students across the state. Thank you to all the supporters who make our work possible.

When you partner with CIS, you help:

  • Connect vulnerable students with evidence-based programs and community-based support
  • Students reach their full potential while in school and prepare for a bright future beyond high school graduation.
  • Advance our programs in schools and communities across the state
  • Make the Back to School Bash and other fundraising events possible
  • Expand our footprint across North Carolina schools and communities
  • Continuously improve the programs that support students and their families