Working directly in North Carolina schools

The key to the success of Communities In Schools of North Carolina is in our name: community. We build one-on-one relationships with each student so they have an advocate and an additional support system. We bring community resources into schools to help students and families who need the additional support to remove barriers that stand in the way of education. We are a community of local, state, and national professionals who work together to help every child we work with reach their full potential and excel in the classroom and in life.

On-site Student Support Specialists extend the reach of your local school community

Our staff become an integral part of students’ lives and serve as an extension of the administration, counselors, teachers, and community resources. We are experts in working with students of all ages applying our proven success formula:

Our caring team provides on-site, multi-tiered support to schools, student groups and individuals, allowing teachers to teach and administrators to lead. Students who need us most receive one-on-one attention to ensure they stay in school, overcome barriers, and graduate with the life skills they need to thrive and contribute to our communities.

Working on-site with students in over 200 public schools across the state

Tailoring plans for both schools and students allows us to have the greatest impact while deploying our proven evidence-based model. Whether it is homework help, emotional support, or assistance from our broad network of community resources, CIS Student Support Specialists are the critical link between students, school staff, parents, and community resources.