Bridging community resources for better outcomes

Across every community we serve, we build lasting relationships with businesses, volunteers, community agencies and health care providers as well as students, parents and educators.  We are in schools working tirelessly to maximize access to every available community resource on a national, state and local level to support our students.

We empower students so they are all-in for school and successful after graduation.

  • We provide teachers and school leaders access to critical community services that benefit their students and decrease potential barriers to education — allowing teachers to focus on teaching and administrators on leading.
  • We combine the power of community connections and individual assistance for children to overcome educational, emotional and societal barriers. By bringing resources together, we also help parents and families learn new skills to support their child throughout school and beyond.

Connecting students and families to community resources

Our school-based staff identify community resources to support the individual needs of schools and students. We bring together a network of partners to remove educational and life barriers and provide access to care and support.  Our community-based partners include a broad range of organizations including food banks, health care providers, faith communities and other youth and family service providers.