A Powerful Community of Student-Focused Experts

We figured out the recipe for building relationships community by community, school by school and student by student.  Our most important ingredient is our network of 18 independently operated affiliates in communities across the state of North Carolina.

Each affiliate is focused on the community they serve but with access to the support and resources of the state and national CIS organizations.  This brings local schools the best of both resources available exclusively in their district as well as benefiting from of a larger network of resources. 

Each CIS affiliate provides the on-site Student Support Specialist(s) who works and lives in the same communities as the schools they serve, another important factor that ensures student relationships can flourish. CIS affiliates bring support and resources to schools in their community by:

  • Matching local, state and national resources with the needs of students in their districts
  • Partnering with local school district leadership to identify where CIS can serve them best
  • Hiring and training community based on-site coordinators for each school they serve
  • Connecting schools, students and families and mobilizing community resources when they are needed
  • Creating a trusted local relationship with students to remove barriers to learning and to succeeding in life
  • Providing high-quality on-site programming to ensure school and student goals are met and exceeded

We are intimately connected to our local affiliates and the important role they play in delivering on the promise of all CIS programs. It is our local affiliates who are key to providing integrated student supports. By connecting school leadership and staff, students and their families with the appropriate community resources, every student can succeed academically, socially and economically.