Supporting Students Wherever They Are…

With some schools in remote learning and some in socially-distant/rotation schedule classrooms, many students have fallen behind in their classes and some are even at risk for dropping out. Additionally, the stress and emotional strain of isolation has worn heavily on many of our most vulnerable students and now – more than ever – they need the social and emotional support of a caring adult to help them recover from this trauma.

So whether they are learning in the socially-distant classroom or from home, students are facing a school year like no other. They need more supports than ever before, and we are there. Our Student Support Specialists and College & Career Coaches are working with students online and in their communities: Making sure they show up or log-in to class. Hand-delivering homework packets to students in rural areas who are without Wi-Fi. And supplying food supports to those students who previously depended on school for healthy meals each day.

CLICK HERE to read about Samara, a student who’s been helped by virtual supports during Covid-19.

Despite the setbacks of Covid-19, we are still supporting students on their path to a brighter future and helping to provide equitable opportunities for students across our state.

We will continue doing whatever it takes to make sure all kids have a chance to succeed!

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