Meet Samara

CIS Student Support Specialist Megan Albert has worked with Samara since she was in fifth grade. Now, Samara will start high school during a school year affected by COVID-19.

Samara, who lives with her grandparents, transitioned from her middle school to an alternative school in 7th grade after her dropping grades and behavior issues threatened her basketball eligibility. Megan worked with Samara and her grandparents to improve her coursework and behavior, and in 8th grade, Samara returned to her old middle school.

When the pandemic closed school buildings, Megan texted and emailed Samara daily to help her finish middle school strong. Samara even requested that Megan be her mentor for her end-of-year passion project, and says she will continue to use CIS as a resource as she transitions to a new school.

“Throughout her short life Samara has experienced more traumatic events than most people experience in a lifetime and she continues to smile and succeed,” CIS Student Support Specialist Megan Albert said. “Resilience is the definition of Samara.”

Like so many other students, Samara relies on Megan daily as a safe-haven where she can find the academic and social-emotional supports she needs to stay on track, cope with the stress of social isolation and switching schools, and know she has someone she can trust.

Megan continued, “I have frequent conversations with her grandparents about her academics and her behaviors and we are all on the same page with Samara. Samara is a huge light and has thrived as a CIS student.

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