Meet Lucas

Lucas, now a 6th grader, always held great potential. CISNC Student Support Specialist Ashley Cephas recognized that potential and provided him the tailored support he needed to grow his confidence and improve his grades.

Lucas was referred to Ashley in 3rd grade for behavioral issues. At that time, Lucas was often sent out of the classroom for disruptive behaviors.

Ashley worked alongside Lucas to identify the obstacles in the way of success. She discovered that the root of these behavioral issues was the language barrier Lucas faced as a non-native English speaker. He often felt left out by peers and struggled to understand what was being said in the classroom.

Ashley created a Behavior Contract for Lucas and introduced him to the Zones of Regulation to help him understand his own emotions and how to proactively work through any anger or frustration he may feel.

Ashley also began working in conjunction with the school’s ESL teacher to better connect with both Lucas and his parents, who did not speak English and struggled to engage with Lucas’ schoolwork or teachers.

After three years of hard work alongside his Student Support Specialist to improve his grades and understand his emotions, Lucas is prepared to succeed in middle school and beyond!

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