Meet Kevon

Kevon, a 7th grader in Cabarrus County, has been involved with CISNC since 4th grade. When Kevon first started working with his Student Support Specialist, he struggled with anger issues and often acted out in class. His elementary CISNC Support Specialist, Meredith Allen, began working with Kevon on managing his emotions, and now his middle school CISNC Support Specialist, Iris Caldwell, is continuing that work: helping Kevon learn about Developmental Relationships and how to communicate effectively with others. Iris also has Kevon create a weekly Goals Journal. They check in on these goals at the end of each week to make sure Kevon is staying on top of his academic and behavioral milestones.

“The best thing about Ms. Caldwell is that she gives me a safe place to talk & make friends & get better as a person.” -Kevon

Because he is naturally outgoing, Kevon struggled with the isolation of remote learning during Covid-19, but since returning to school buildings, Kevon’s grades and mood have improved. He meets formally with Iris once per week to work on his social/emotional health and to catch up on any homework or assignments he may have missed. Iris also does brief check-ins with Kevon a few times a week as he’s walking to class or lunch, and Iris reports that these in-person supports have “helped Kevon to grow and mature this year.”

Kevon is grateful for the support CISNC and Iris are able to provide him. He says, “The best thing about Ms. Caldwell is that she gives me a safe place to talk and make friends and get better as a person. I used to get into a lot of fights and be angry at a lot of stuff, but now I’m happy. I have grown up, and I’m happier now.”

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