Meet Eric

Eric, a CIS alumnus, was struggling with his grades and attendance. Then, he joined CISNC’s Jobs for North Carolina’s Graduates program.

Eric’s father is currently incarcerated and he lives with his mother in a low-income neighborhood.

Eric works part-time at Wal-Mart and his uncle’s auto garage to help supplement his mother’s income. Until he met JNCG College and Career Coach Josh Yow, he struggled to balance his jobs and schoolwork.

Josh helped Eric focus on in-person learning while checking in regularly on his social-emotional health. Josh also helped Eric build his resume, prepare for interviews, and get accepted to an Automotive Technology program at a community college.

Thanks to support from Josh and JNCG, Eric graduated last spring and is now pursuing a stable and fulfilling career that he is passionate about!

Eric took an Automotive Technology course last fall and is continuing to work at his uncle’s garage while he earns his Associate’s degree.

Learn more about how our JNCG program helps 11th and 12th grade students make it to the graduation stage and prepare for successful careers beyond HERE.

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