Meet Julie

It is not often that ambition, energy and confidence become a problem, but with Julie, her involvement with sports and other extracurricular activities caused her grades to suffer.  As a senior, multi-sport athlete playing volleyball, golf, basketball and running cross-country, Julie struggled to find balance between schoolwork and her extracurriculars. Her issue was not her ability to do the work, but rather how she managed all the activities while still saving enough in the tank for academics.

Then Julie met just the “coach” she needed, Tia Evans – her CISNC Student Support Specialist. Tia helped Julie focus her ambition and energy both in the classroom and on the field of play. Even when schools were shut down due to Covid 19, Tia delivered homework packets to Julie to ensure she stayed on track for graduation. Not only did Julie’s GPA improve but she also became an ROTC Group Commander and participated in CISNC’s Leadership Academy. I guess you could say Julie became an all-star in school, in sports and in her community.

Julie graduates in June 2020 and she credits Tia and CISNC with helping her gain clarity about her future and providing her the support and motivation to succeed in all she does. Today, that means a bright future with college around the corner. “CISNC was taking me to see colleges even before college was on my mind,” Julie said. Julie plans to study psychology at Nash Community College in the fall, and – because of her great GPA – she’s likely to receive a full scholarship. Talk about knocking it out of the park!

Tia sums it up best, “She is a fantastic athlete and an all-around impressive young lady!”

Julie, you are a winner in all you do. Keep reaching for the stars!

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