Meet Dylan

When we met Dylan, his school work and grades were suffering. He was also having attendance issues and graduation seemed to be the least of his worries.  At the time, housing and family instability presented challenges too great to overcome and this hampered his ability to succeed in school and in life.

Then he met Jobs for North Carolina’s Graduates College and Career Coach Virginia Haynes.  She helped Dylan strengthen his natural leadership skills, see the importance of his education, and understand the value of his relationships with teachers and others at school and work.

Dylan is a graduating senior and a graduate of the JNCG program. Even in the face of school closures due to COVID- 19, he overcame many challenges and thrived inside and outside of school.  He continues to hone his leadership abilities, improve his grades, and strengthen his relationships. This is largely due to Virginia’s dedication to Dylan’s success. She personally delivered homework packets to Dylan so he could stay on track for graduation.

Dylan learned to balance a full-time job at Dollar General and the demands of his school work, culminating in the ultimate achievement – a virtual walk across the graduation stage in June 2020.  After graduation, Dylan will attend a welding program at Blue Ridge Community College. As part of the JNCG program, Virginia will continue coaching Dylan for a full year after graduation, helping him carve out a career path and further define his future.

Congratulations Dylan.  We are proud of you and you should be very proud of yourself.

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