Helping students succeed – inside and outside of class

Many students struggle with schoolwork but many don’t know where to turn for help or help is simply not accessible.  When students don’t understand the material or adopt poor study habits, the result can be behavioral issues, low grades that limit chances for college admission, and low self-esteem that has long-term impact on their socialization skills and prospects for graduation.

We directly help students progress at every grade level and reach their individual goals.  Based on the student’s need, we realign priorities and in cases that require more intense involvement, we help students adjust to their learning environment and offer private tutoring.

We employ a variety of methods and services for helping students achieve academic success in all subjects, while emphasizing reading, writing, grammar, and math:

Study groups

We often find that there are students who can benefit from working together in small study groups. These groups allows for deeper immersion into schoolwork by active participation of others who may experience similar challenges. We form study groups with greater purpose beyond the subject matter itself as a means to inspire and motivate students, sharpen problem solving skills and teach students to work with others.


Often one-on-one tutoring is the most effective means for helping a student improve their grades, comprehension, and overall study habits.  Individualized attention can boost confidence and provide a focused learning environment with skills that can then be successfully applied in the classroom setting.

Homework Help

Many students need access to homework assistance on a regular basis or as an on-call resource when they feel “stuck”.   We can set up homework help before, during and after school in collaboration with teachers and faculty so students have access to the help they need when it is needed.

Class participation and study skills development

In many schools, we create individual and group learning sessions that focus on teaching students how to take notes and get the most out of in-class participation, tips for completing homework, and skills that promote effective study habits. These sessions can be customized around grade levels, student needs, and school goals.