Parents make a difference in a student’s education

The impact and influence of parents in a student’s educational process cannot be underestimated, especially when children face challenges inside or outside the classroom.  When teachers and parents share responsibility for their student’s quality education and encourage them to meet their school and life goals, kids can overcome obstacles and social disadvantages to thrive and succeed.

There is nothing more powerful than connecting parents to their child’s education.  A parent’s relationship with teachers and their child have a profound impact on their schoolwork and development of a love and respect for learning. 

Engaging parents for better educational outcomes

Beyond the classroom and homework, we encourage positive relationships with parents and connect them to whatever resources are available to help them help their child. We show up in students’ lives and act as the bridge between the school, students, and their families.  When the parents are not available or, in some cases, not willing to be involved, we step in as a role model for children who need extra encouragement and support.  We build trusting and productive relationships that:

  • Help parents understand where and why their involvement matters
  • Bridge relationships with teachers, students and parents
  • Provide opportunities for parental engagement with activities and events
  • Highlight the positive aspects of participating in a student’s  school life
  • Find common areas for parental and student learning engagement
  • Directly visiting parents and providing support to further educational success

We help engage parents however necessary to improve a child’s education and help them to succeed in all they do.  When parents are involved:

  • Children earn higher grades and test scores with higher graduation rates
  • Kids possess higher self-esteem and confidence to achieve at a higher level
  • Positive socialization with others is greatly enhanced
  • The chances of behavioral issues that can impact education are mitigated
  • Students experience more overall success inside and outside of the classroom

We’re excited about the expansion of our Parent University program in Cumberland County, and we’ll be creating a separate page for that in the coming months!

Our staff and local affiliate teams stand ready to assist with parental engagement, even in the most difficult situations.  Contact us today so we can make life better for all students by engaging more parents in their child’s educational experience.

Start your student on a path to a better future with a FAFSA

The FAFSA (Federal Application for Student Aid) is a tool you can use to ask the government for loans to pay for your community college or university education.

And even though the money is there for the borrowing, only about 50% of high school seniors in North Carolina ever ask for it (even if they can’t afford college). 

Please download our free PDF guide for filling out a FAFSA & understanding your repayment options once you’ve finished your degree. There are very reasonable repayment plans based on your income + a plan that forgives ALL your loans after 10 years of payments if you work at a non-profit or governmental organization.

Fill out your form by the 06/30 deadline to take advantage of this valuable resource.