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Jadyn’s Story

Before Jadyn met his CIS Specialist, Ashley, he regularly got in trouble in school for acting out and not doing his homework.

Over the past 3+ years, Ashley has built a trusting, transformative one-on-one relationship with Jadyn, through which she learned that several difficulties in Jadyn’s home life were affecting his learning.

Jadyn has faced great loss in his short life. His father has never been a part of his life and his uncle, who was a father figure to him, died in Jadyn’s 3rd grade year.

Jadyn’s mother did her best to provide for him and his siblings. After several months of living in a motel and driving 40 minutes to get to school each morning, CIS helped his family find access to housing that was close to school.

As a result of all the disruption in his life, Jadyn has a lot of trust issues was getting into fights at school and not doing his schoolwork. Ashley discovered he needed help regulating his emotions and learning how to cope with his situation.

Ashley worked intensively with Jadyn to get him back on track. Recently, Jadyn’s grades and behavior have improved substantially and he has become a leader in the classroom. Other kids follow his example now and he entered seventh grade as a poised, confident, young man who works hard and gets along well with peers.

“Despite all the hurdles he’s faced, Jadyn is a natural leader, and the other students want to follow his lead. When he works to make better grades, the other students want to do the same!”

-Ashley, CIS Specialist