Futures are brighter when a student graduates high school

In 2005-2006 school year, the North Carolina high school graduation rate was 68.3% and in 2018-2019 school year, the rate of graduation was at 86.3%.  Numbers like that are well worth celebrating and we have played an active role in schools across the state to contribute to increased high school graduation rates.  We help struggling students realize the future they envision for themselves with one-on-one attention that fosters a bond secured by positive influence, mentoring and community outreach.

Walking every step with students on the way to the graduation stage

Serving as a graduation and career coach, we help students facing challenges to make it to graduation and succeed in life. We work tirelessly to uncover any issues, be it in-school, socially or family situations that may be causing barriers to a diploma.  Sometimes it is a matter of encouragement and helping to manage priorities and other times the problems are more complex.

Beyond making sure a student has the support necessary to graduate, we also provide guidance and assistance for college or to begin a successful career. Our aim is to help students realize the importance of graduation and to discover their potential after high school:

  • Work with school staff to identify students at risk of missing graduation
  • Develop an individual plan that allows the student to reach the graduation stage.
  • Facilitate school staff, family and community help as needed to mitigate issues and implement graduation strategies
  • Assist with college selection, applications and preparation if there is a path to college or vocational school
  • Provide job readiness and life skills development for those who must work during high-school and post-graduation
  • Engage parents and other important role models in a student’s life who can be a positive influence on their future
  • Build lasting relationships with each student and instill confidence for excelling while in-school and one year after graduation

CISNC staff are expert graduation and career coaches, an indispensable role in a high school student’s life.  Contact us and let’s work together to increase graduation rates in your school.

Jobs for North Carolina’s Graduates

Our Jobs for North Carolina’s Graduates program is specially designed to assist 11th and 12th grade students achieve their goals starting with high school graduation and beyond.  We bring the program directly to your school and your students.

Don’t leave money on the table!

Complete your FAFSA by 06/30 and get loans to pay for college.

Don’t leave money on the table!

Complete your FAFSA by 06/30 and get loans to pay for college.

CISNC affiliates in local North Carolina communities. CISNC has 21 local affiliates, 374 board members, 5,155 volunteers and 116,839 volunteer hours in 36 school districts