In schools to help kids stay in school.

Pam Hartley – 919-832-2700
President and CEO

Jill Cox – 984-664-9415
Chief Operating Officer

Christy Smith – 984-664-9406
Communications Manager

Yuwie Hager 919-832-2700
Office Manager

Kelly Webb –  984-664-9418
Director of Development                

Susan Everhart – 984-664-9422
Grant Writer   

Tyler Lee – 984-664-9405 
Development Associate

Akilah Hunte – 984-664-9404
Director of Data Strategy

College and Career Readiness

Heather Blackmon  — 919-832-2700  
Program Director Jobs for North Carolina Graduates

Network Support

Phillis White – 704-284-0832
Director of Network Support – Leadership Development

Heather Wallace – 703-501-8480
Director of Network Support –  Reaccreditation

Allison Jordan – 828-230-5237
Director of Network Support – Executive Coach 

Chameeka Smith – 984-664-9415
Director of Training for Student Impact

Youth Development

Christal Carmichael– 919-832-2700
Director of Youth Development

Orville Heron
Youth Success Coach

LaShawn Hewitt
Youth Success Coach

Embedded Operations

Nevin Daryani – 919-600-4197
Director of Embedded Operations

Cerise Collins– 919-215-3913
Director of Embedded Operations

Willie Gillus
Program Director and Student Support Specialist – Weldon City Schools

CIS of the Rocky Mount Region

Dorothy Hinton
Executive Director

Director of Community Partnerships and Programs

Finance and Administration

Amy Kennemur – 984-664-9420
Director of Human Resources

Sarah Almeida – 984-664-9412
Vice President for Finance

Joni Reisinger -984-664-9410
Financial Analyst

Debbie Frank -984-664-9403
Accounting Specialist