Meet Jacklyn

Jacklyn is a 4th grader in Pamlico County and has been involved with CISNC for one year. Jacklyn was referred to CIS because she doesn’t do her schoolwork and has behavioral issues in class. Thankfully, Jacklyn has formed a wonderful bond with her CIS Specialist, Ashley Jenkins, and is working hard to implement the strategies Ashley is laying out for her.

Ashley discovered the underlying cause of Jacklyn’s behavioral issues are struggles in the home: Jacklyn’s father is incarcerated, and her mother has drug addiction issues. Jacklyn and her two older siblings all live with their grandmother who struggles to keep up with Jacklyn’s schoolwork and behavior issues.

Since connecting with Ashley, Jacklyn is putting a great effort into changing her patterns. Now, if she gets upset in class, she waits quietly for Ashley to come see her and take her out of the classroom rather than engaging in disruptive behaviors.

Thanks to the mindfulness tips and social/emotional support she’s receiving though CISNC, Jacklyn is learning impulse control, and she’s also working on getting her assignments done on time each week.

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