Meet Isiah

Isiah is a 5th grader in Pamlico County and has been a part of CISNC for 3 years. Isiah has faced great loss in his short life. His father has never been a part of his life and his uncle, who was a father figure to him, died in Isiah’s 3rd grade year. Isiah also recently lost his grandfather who passed away at beginning of this school year.

Isiah’s mother has struggled to find stable housing for him and his siblings, but the family recently moved into an apartment after living for several months in a motel and driving 40 minutes to get to school each morning.

As a result of all the disruption in his life, Isiah has a lot of trust issues and feels as though no adults will ever be there for him. Due to this emotional turmoil, he was getting into fights at school and not doing his schoolwork.

Thankfully, Isiah’s CIS Specialist, Ashley Cephas, has been providing frequent social/emotional check-ins and academic support, and in the past year Isiah’s grades have gone up, his behavioral issues have improved, and he’s become a leader in the classroom.

Ashely says, “Despite all the hurdles he’s faced, Isiah is a natural leader, and the other students want to follow his lead. When he works to make better grades, the other students want to do the same!”

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