Demari, a 11th grader, relocated to Nash County after his mom experienced layoffs due to COVID-19. He lives with his mother in a low-income neighborhood where he tries his best to take care of her and himself at the same time. He does several odd jobs and works very hard to support her.

When Demari’s school transitioned to remote learning, he struggled with his grades, motivation, and attendance.

CIS Reengagement Coordinator Jolly Manning is mentoring Demari and helping him develop the skill and work ethic to focus on in-person learning and make the varsity basketball team. 

Jolly is helping Demari balance academics with athletics, checking in with him regularly, and connecting him to resources such as toiletries and groceries. Jolly is also helping him prepare for a job this spring in walking distance, so he can work close to home.

Last semester, Demari passed all classes with an A or B. He is excelling as both a student and a basketball player!

Demari plans to graduate from high school in 2023 with an academic/athletic scholarship to pay for his education. In the meantime, Mr. Manning will continue to monitor him, track his success, meet with him weekly, and champion Demari’s mindset to set goals and conquer them.

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