Raffle for Change

Thank you to our generous raffle item sponsors! With your help, we raised $16,500 to make a positive change in our students’ lives.

Communities In Schools of North Carolina introduces the Raffle for Change, a three-week fundraiser where you can win exciting prizes while helping our students thrive and succeed during COVID-19. Buy one ticket for $50 or three tickets (for the same package) for $100 and make a positive change in a student’s life!




Jarod, an 8th grader at Lewis Chapel Middle School, comes from a single parent household and was referred to his CISNC Student Support Specialist, Tim Carmichael, because he was having trouble focusing in class. Jarod’s grades were suffering as a result, but Tim says he tapped into Jarod’s natural intelligence and leadership abilities to give him the confidence he needed to get back on track. “Jarod is a natural leader,” Tim says, “You can put him in front of a group, and he can talk and carry the room. His peers naturally want to follow him, so I gave him a research project where he had to choose a famous figure, write about them and do a little acting in front of the group to present that work. He did great, and his classmates were all cheering by the end! I think that really boosted his confidence and helped him realize he can do great things if he stays focused”. And FOCUSED is the core principal of the boys group -“Our Boys, Your Men” – that Tim Carmichael started for his CISNC students. In the group, young men like Jarod work to hone their focus on school, while also learning to regulate their emotions and express themselves.

“Sometimes, it’s all about expanding the horizons for a young person. They need to see what’s possible for them.”

– Tim Carmichael, Student Support Specialist

Before the pandemic shut down schools in March, Tim took the group to the Fayettville Arts Guild to meet with a local poet who guided the students in creating a collage piece that expressed their individual personalities and struggles. “I think Jarod surprised himself with his poetry,” Tim reported. “He really excelled at that, and – again – that’s not something he ever thought he could do. Sometimes it’s all about expanding the horizons for a young person. They need to see what’s possible for them.”


Tristan’s Story

Tristan joined CISNC and met his Student Support Specialist, Latonia Oakley, in his Senior year of high school. Tristan first came to Latonia on an informal basis because he’d heard from other students that she was a good adult to talk to and he needed a trusted adult to help him work through the social issues he was facing with his peers. Latonia persuaded Tristan to join CISNC, and they started working together on Tristan’s behavioral and anger issues that resulted from the social barriers he faced at school. Latonia coached Tristan in emotional regulation techniques as well as conflict resolution; she also championed his involvement in football as a positive outlet for his emotions.

“Mrs. Oakley taught me: an angry mind is a narrow mind.”

– Tristan, CISNC Graduate

After working with Latonia for several months, Tristan’s behavior at school and in the classroom improved dramatically. Tristan says he learned: “an angry mind is a narrow mind” and worked to channel his emotions in positive ways. Because of Latonia’s help, Tristan graduated high school last spring and is currently enrolled at Mt. Olive University where he lives on-campus and is studying Visual Arts.


Eden’s Story

Eden, a 6th grader in Hertford County, has been working with her CIS Support Specialist, Brittany Jenkins, since 2nd grade. When Eden first came to Brittany, she was struggling with tardiness and absences from school as well as social/emotional and behavioral issues that impacted her schoolwork.

Brittany worked to establish a strong relationship with Eden’s mom so that she could provide a network of wrap-around supports to Eden. Eden now logs in to class on time each day, understands how to work through her emotions in positive ways and has significantly improved her End Of Grade test scores. During Covid-19 remote learning, Brittany has regular check-ins with Eden and is encouraging her to do her best in the online class format. “Eden is so smart and is capable of so much when she dedicates herself to her work,” Brittany says.

“Eden is so smart and is capable of so much when she dedicates herself to her work!”

Brittany Jenkins, CISNC Student Support Specialist

Brittany has also encouraged Eden’s leadership skills by tapping her to be the student leader of the “EOG Step Group” that Brittany created for her CISNC students. With Brittany’s guidance, Eden is doing well in school & in life and is on track to thrive when she enters middle school next year!

Kaynia’s Story

Kaynia comes from a single-parent household and struggled with both her attendance and her behavior at school. She missed many days of class, had several suspensions due to behavioral issues and was in danger of dropping out entirely until she met her Student Support Specialist, Latonia Oakley. Latonia worked with Kaynia for two years –  coaching her in emotional regulation techniques and urging her to attend classes so she could keep up with her work. Latonia became a trusted mentor, and eventually Kaynia’s behavior improved, and she managed to keep her grades up.

“After I took her on a college tour, Kaynia became invigorated by the possibilities for the future”.

– Latonia Oakley, Student Support Specialist

After Latonia took Kaynia on a tour of UNC-Greensboro, Kaynia became invigorated by the “possibilities for the future”. She also jumped at the chance to learn about resume building when Latonia offered a workshop on practical life skills. Thanks to the strong, supportive relationship Latonia built with her – Kaynia stayed in school, improved her behavior and attended classes regularly; and she graduated from JF Webb High School last spring. She currently works in a nursing home in Granville County to save money for college and take some of the financial burden off of her single mother. Kaynia plans to attend Vance-Granville Community College next spring to pursue her Associate Nursing Degree.

We hope you’ll join us in supporting these young people while trying your luck at winning some truly great prizes!