JNCG – Our Work

Our Work

In each JNCG school, College and Career Coaches teach specialized classes with small groups of students to increase their readiness for their next steps in life. This small group engagement paves the way for increased college access and for students to experience careers they may not have considered—rewarding careers that offer opportunities for personal growth, advancement, and success.  Each student will experience:

  1. Classroom instruction. Each College and Career Coach works with 35-45 students in workplace competencies, intensive career exploration, and adult living skills including career development, job attainment, job survival, communications, leadership and self-development, personal skills, and life survival skills.
  2. Competency-Based Curriculum. The curriculum equips students with employability competencies and intensive career exploration and developmental opportunities.
  3. Project Based Learning. This methodology provides a realistic learning experience for students who engage in projects that assist with developing 21st century workplace skills.
  4. Caring Adults. JNCG specialists provide individual attention to students to help them overcome challenges that prevent them from graduating and/or securing employment.
  5. Advice and Support. JNCG specialists provide advice and support as students make significant career and life decisions.
  6. Summer Employment Training. Specialists help students identify and secure employment during summer months to support year-long learning.
  7. Student-Led Leadership Development and Experience. The career association provides opportunities for students to develop, practice, and refine their leadership and team membership skills.
  8. Job and Postsecondary Education Placement Services. Specialists help graduates identify entry-level job opportunities and assist in the exploration of postsecondary education.
  9. 12-Month Support. JNCG provides 12 months of follow-up services and support to graduates to ensure the strongest career and educational outcomes.
  10. A comprehensive data system tracks students and the outcomes they achieve.


JNCG is an initiative of NC Job Ready, Governor Cooper’s workforce development movement to ensure North Carolinians are ready for the jobs of today and tomorrow.