Join us for CISNC’s 2021 Day of Gratitude on Friday, November 19.

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Gratitude is defined as the readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. The quality of being thankful.  

We have set aside an important time, apart from the conference, to focus on the value of being thankful. We invite you to join your colleagues in NC on November 19th for a Gratitude & Growth Celebration and Awards Recognition, where we will center our attention on gratitude.  

Psychology Today reminds that gratitude, overall, can boost both your mental and physical health. Integrated Children’s Therapy agrees, gratitude is good for you! Research shows that it boosts chemicals in our brain that not only make us feel happier, but also make social interaction more enjoyable. People with daily gratitude habits are healthier, more empathic, have higher self-esteem, and even sleep better. It seems that most could benefit from a dose of gratitude!  

Please join CISNC at 11:00 on November 19 to hear the impactful story of Christian Moore, President and Founder of Why Try, and how thankful he is for the one person that made such a profound difference in his life at a critical time.

Bring your lunch and help cheer on your colleagues and team members that are recognized for their impact and giving to others. We will recognize the formal winners of our CIS awards, and you will have the opportunity to give shout outs to those on your CIS teams that you appreciate so much.  

And consider making a commitment, starting in November, to center your thoughts daily on one person or thing you are grateful for, and write it down. Please consider bringing one of those thoughts with you to the celebration in November, that you might be willing to share with others. At the end of November, take a look at your list. We may each be surprised how this simple shift in focus will have impacted us. We, at CISNC state office team, are grateful for YOU.   

Speaker: Christian Moore (he/him)

Speaker Bio: Christian is a renowned author, speaker, and licensed clinical social worker who consults with thousands of school districts on lowering dropout rates, improving school climate, preventing bullying, and closing the achievement gap by teaching social and emotional education. He grew up on the streets near Washington D.C. and struggled with learning disabilities. Despite being told college was not an option, Christian obtained a masters degree and became a social worker in education, youth corrections, and a homeless program, and created the WhyTry organization to address the need for a new approach.