Facilitator Guide

CISNC Readers Playhouse

Facilitator Guide

For successful implementation of Readers Playhouse, you should complete these steps with your students:
  1. Spend time on your own with the Kindle.
  2. If you are new to CIS, introduce yourself and get to know the kids.
  3. Talk to the students about Readers Playhouse and the components of Readers Theater, service learning, and Kindle use.
  4. Make group rules with the students. The rules should cover behavior, appropriate ways to handle and care for the Kindles, and digital safety.
  5. Give the students time to explore and play with the Kindles. Teach the students how to access Readers Playhouse scripts, Kindle apps, and online resources.   

 Unpacking Your Kindle Device

Kindle Setup

Downloading Apps & Uploading Content


Kindles & Kids

Readers Theater Overview