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Please submit inquiries of interest including a resume and cover letter to Amy Hall, Vice President of Human Resources & Talent via


Position Overview:
The President/CEO will have a passion for ensuring that all children receive the support they need, inside and outside of school, to reach their full potential. The position requires a forward-thinking, visionary leader who thrives in a complex environment and will bring the organization’s operational model to its full potential set forth in its strategic plan. The CEO will need to balance continued growth with the provision of excellent services to both embedded programs and independent affiliates.

CEO will be responsible for working diligently to maintain strong and positive connections with state government leaders by staying nonpartisan, trustworthy, and knowledgeable about the needs of students and the impact CISNC’s work can have on them. The CEO must also take the lead in growing and diversifying the base of funding, working in conjunction with staff and members of the board. Maintaining relationships with current corporate funders and creating new relationships also will be critical to the future success of the organization.

The CEO will collaborate with other community resources and be an advocate for the needs of students inside and outside of the school. The CEO needs to understand the educational system from an academic and political perspective, and she/he must have experience and a real passion for advocacy on behalf of students.

The CEO is the face and voice of CISNC. The CEO will be an outstanding communicator and great networker who can articulate the vision and impact of CIS in a one-on-one meeting, in front of large groups, in a tweet or in an op-ed article. CISNC was built on providing independent affiliates with training, technical support, assistance building strong relationships with principals and superintendents, funding, and a vehicle for affiliate networking and professional education. She/he must have the ability to truly listen in a way that promotes understanding, diplomacy, and excellent communication, and that inspires a commitment to shared goals. She/he will spend a significant amount of time on the road meeting with local affiliates, funders, legislative and education leaders, partners and collaborators. The President/CEO will demonstrate competency in discussing current issues facing the communities we serve and determination to advocate in the presence of all stakeholders for the needs of the students and families living in those communities.




• Provides visionary strategic and operational leadership, while embracing CISNC’s mission, values and direction; ensures that best practices are followed throughout the organization.
• Makes certain that the organization’s core values are reflected in all that it does.
• Works with the Board and staff to create a strategic plan, when required, and ensures its implementation, monitoring and evaluation. Keeps the Board and staff apprised of progress and challenges.
• Works with Board and staff to ensure the organization has the resources required to be financially healthy and maintain adequate reserves.
• Leads the organization’s work with North Carolina’s state government, building strong relationships with the General Assembly, the Governor’s office, and the Department of Public Instruction, as well as thought leaders who may influence or have an effect on CISNC.
• Coordinates and leads relationships with CIS national and other state offices.
• Contributes to improving diversity, equity and inclusion and fostering an inclusive environment where team members feel welcomed, valued, respected and heard.
• Sets the tone in creating a healthy, supportive and productive work environment. Maintains a climate that attracts, keeps, and motivates a diverse staff of top quality people.
• Supervises, evaluates and mentors the senior leadership team as well as communicates with and engages all staff on a routine basis.
• Ensures staff have the best training the budget can afford and the support they need to excel in their positions.
• Develops a thorough knowledge of the founding, history, major accomplishments and challenges of CIS (national, state and affiliates) and the key leaders and funders who have had a significant impact on CISNC. Stays current on research relevant to dropout prevention.

• In collaboration with senior leadership, ensures all CISNC-run programs and affiliates are given the support and resources required to be successful. Evaluates progress toward goals and institutes changes when required.
• Ensures that CISNC programs and affiliates support the CIS model with fidelity and that data is collected and used effectively.
• Creates and maintains effective, collaborative and supportive relationships with affiliate leadership and superintendents in the counties served by affiliates to help build strong relationships.
• Stays current on the needs of affiliates; keeps them apprised of issues on the state and national level.

Fundraising, Marketing/Communications
• Works with the Development Director and staff grant writer to ensure that government and foundation grants are completed in accordance with deadlines and that effective working relationships are established with key decision makers in the granting organizations.
• Coordinates with the development team to create a diversified fundraising strategy; maintains a personal portfolio of top funders/donors and prospects.
• Works with the COO, communications/marketing and development teams to ensure that all communications have a unified message and appearance and are being directed to the most appropriate audiences for maximum impact. Positions CISNC for maximum visibility through personal appearances and the media.

Finance and Operations
• Has a thorough knowledge of the organization’s finances and reporting requirements, programs and operations.
• In coordination with the VP for Finance, develops and monitors the organization’s budget and ensures that all records and documents comply with federal, state and local regulations; evaluates the organization’s policies and procedures on a regular basis; ensures the organization has the best technology it can afford and the resources required to protect data and increase efficiencies.

Board Relations
• Reports to and is accountable to the Board of Directors.
• Plays an active role in the recruitment of new board members and seeks ways to maximize each member’s contributions. Keeps former board members engaged.
• Assists the board’s leadership in creating a culture of philanthropy through personal giving, involvement in fundraising and positioning CISNC for success.
• Staffs board committees or assigns appropriate staff; keeps the board informed of issues of importance to the organization and keeps staff informed of board actions.
• Works with individual board members to maximize each member’s contribution to the success of the organization.


Core Competencies

• Relationship Building
• Teamwork
• Valuing Diversity
• Results Focused
• Communication
• Development & Continual Learning
• Accountability & Dependability


Job Specific Competencies

• Adaptability & Flexibility
• Coaching & Mentoring
• Decision Making & Judgement
• Initiative
• Interpersonal Skills


Required Education/Experience:

• Undergraduate degree required, graduate degree preferred, with seven or more years of progressive experience at an executive level in a complex nonprofit or for-profit organization. Leadership experience with a statewide or national organization, CIS or an organization similar to CIS, would be a plus.
• Passionate about the needs of children and helping to create communities that support all children to reach their potential.
• Seasoned organizational leader and manager with a reputation for integrity and a track record of creating and nurturing effective, collaborative work environments built on trust, clear expectations and accountability.
• Proven ability to work effectively with a nonprofit board of directors and to influence, engage and build long-term relationships with a wide range of donors and key stakeholders.
• Exceptional planning skills with a results and action-oriented record of achievement. Able to set goals, meet deadlines and evaluate results.
• A proven history of working effectively with legislators, government officials, education leaders and/or corporate leaders.
• Politically savvy with the ability to be a nonpartisan advocate and collaborate with other leaders and organizations with common goals.
• Creative and effective fundraiser with a proven history of success with grants, individual or corporate fundraising or fee-for-service activities.
• Strong cultural competency with a history of working effectively with all people irrespective of their history, economic status, challenges, race, gender, educational level or sexual orientation; belief in the importance of diversity and equity and a history of creating diverse and inclusive organizations.
• Excellent communication and networking skills with the ability to listen, engage, inspire, educate and move people to action as a public speaker, in personal meetings and in written form.
• Knowledge of state and national educational policies and experience with evidence-based practices and data.
• Willingness to travel extensively in NC and out of state when necessary.


Please submit inquiries of interest including a resume and cover letter to Amy Hall, Vice President of Human Resources & Talent via

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