College and Career Specialist – Sylva, NC

About Communities in Schools of North Carolina:

At Communities In Schools, we are “all-in” for kids.

It is our passion – it is our mission. In North Carolina, 1 in 5 children under the age of 18 live in poverty leading to challenges outside the classroom that stand in the way of success inside the classroom. Communities In Schools works directly inside schools, building one-on-one relationships that empower students to succeed at school and in life. As the North Carolina State Office for Communities In Schools, we collaborate with 21 local affiliate organizations and deliver direct programs across the state. We make sure young people have the tools they need to succeed at school and transition successfully into continuing education and careers. We achieve our mission by hiring bright, creative, and innovative team members who have a passion for what we do. At CISNC, we value relationships, collaboration, learning, integrity and commitment.

Position Overview:

The College & Career Specialist will take personal responsibility for ensuring that 45-55 high school students, primarily 11th and 12th graders, but may include 9th and 10th graders, who are at risk of dropping out of school and/or failing to successfully transition into the workplace achieve expected outcomes, including graduation and placement into postsecondary education, the workforce and/or the military. He/she will provide targeted youth with employability and life survival skills through classroom instruction based on JAG’s high school competencies, guidance/counseling, academic remediation, work-based learning experiences, summer activities, postsecondary, and career advisement and provides a twelve-month follow up period following graduation. This position is a full-time, year-round position dedicated 100 percent (50% classroom teaching and 50% post-high school graduation placement/planning & case management) to the implementation of the JAG Model and responsible for delivering the JAG High School Curriculum. The Specialist is responsible for reinforcing the competency-based lessons during other periods of time in which students and graduates are engaged in the JAG Multi-Year Program. They also will create a sustainable system of supports throughout the local community for students through graduation and one year of follow-up services and targeted outcomes.

Essential Functions

  • Establishes a positive and on-going supportive relationship with students, families, principals, administrators and school faculty to support students in the JAG Multi-Year Program.
  • Collaborates with school personnel and community partners to support and reinforce the curriculum and build support for personal, academic and career success for JAG students.
  • Analyzes student data and confers with the JAG advisory committee (or School Success Team) to identify and develop a pool of qualified students in need of intensive academic support.
  • Deliver the JAG curriculum for the targeted 45-55 students in grades 9 through 12 with an emphasis on the core competencies through classroom instruction and Project Based Learning.
  • Monitor basic skills improvement and provide appropriate academic support and remediation as needed.
  • Develop, implement and update monthly individualized development plan (IDP) with all students on the program roster.
  • Monitor the attendance, credits needed for graduation, college prep course selection, enrollment in AP and dual credit courses.
  • Collaborate with employers, parents, civic groups, and community leaders to create an employer marketing plan to develop a pool of effective community support resources by working with all stakeholders to support the JNCG Program.
  • Conducts parent/family outreach to strengthen family/school partnerships.
  • Fosters teamwork, sense of belonging and commitment to service learning among students by organizing and serving as advisor to the Career Association
  • Provides supportive services to program participants for the 12-month follow-up period post-high school graduation to ensure successful transition to postsecondary education, employment and/or military.
  • Complies with all documentation requirements from JAG Manager in a timely fashion.
  • Provides opportunities for student and graduate activity and engagement throughout the summer.
  • Participates in staff, district, and statewide meetings, and staff development activities as appropriate.

Additional Skills:

  • Perform various school-related functions such as lunch duty; work closely with the school administrator to limit non-JAG Model assignments.
  • Connect the full cohort of students to and/or organize and lead field trips to higher education institutions, business and industry, and other community-based activities and events.
  • Complete special projects and duties as assigned.

Core Competencies:



Customer Focus

Quality Orientation

Time Management


Job Competencies:



Continuous Improvement

Oral Communication



Required Education/Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree is required. Degree in social service, counseling, business, education, or a related discipline is preferred. Equivalent combination of training, education, and experience may be considered.
  • North Carolina’s Professional Educator’s Licensure preferred, but not required.
  • Experience working with students and a knowledge of child development issues.
  • Experience in secondary and/or postsecondary education settings.
  • Skills in human relations, leadership, supervision, and motivational techniques.
  • Ability and interest to work 12 months per year.
  • Ability to work independently while managing multiple priorities.
  • Ability to establish appropriate boundaries while developing and nurturing supportive relationships with students.
  • Ability to educate a variety of constituencies and interested parties about the program by developing ongoing relationships and making formal presentations.
  • Ability to support curriculum instruction, projects and/or other educational opportunities consistent with the goals of the program.

Working knowledge of basic computer applications such as word processing, Excel, and electronic data tracking, using the Internet-based JAG Force.

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